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IDBridge K3000
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IDBridge K3000 (formerly SG Core), for OEM is a portable security device that protects sensitive mobile data and management platforms for these devices using the Smart TMS. The solution can be used either as a zero-footprint personal security device that protects portable data with Gemalto's proven smart card technology, or as a CCID smart card reader, to enable smart card features on PC/SC environments.

IDBridge K3000 provides an easy and configurable switch between mobility and corporate mode (i.e. PKCS#11 for portable apps and CAPI for e.g. Windows Logon), combined with the HID-CCID automatic service switch to be installed on the host PC. The product is easy to deploy and can be integrated into endpoint security policies to provide the highest level of security for portable data.

In addition, IDBridge K3000 offers a customizable solution that financial institutions can private-label and integrate into their online authentication system, using the Gemalto Software Development Kit (SDK).

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