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IDBridge K50
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Market Authentication device is seeking for portable tokens with increased efficiency and a broad range of on-board security applications like digital signature, user identification and secure on-line transactions. Gemalto' IDBridge K50 (formerly USB Shell Token v3) delivers the solution in a shape of a secure USB token for applications such as:

  • Internet access
  • Secure download of contents
  • Computer access control
  • Network security
  • People identification
  • Home Banking facilities

IDBridge K50 offers all the power of a multi-application dynamic smart card in a USB key, the ideal for users who require a combination of security and portability.


  • Easy to deploy 
    The IDBridge K50 reader can be distributed independently of the plug-in (ID-0) card, facilitating production and smart card issuance. It operates with Microsoft CCID driver, inbox VISTA and Seven, removing the need of a driver installation.
  • Easy to use 
    The SIM sized smart card can be easily inserted without the need of any mechnical tooling. Once inserted, the smart card is definitively locked in the token housing.
  • Robust
    The Smart card is locked in a waterproof case
    for maximum reliability.
  • Versatile
    Available with any SIM sized smart card, meeting FIPS 140-2 level 3 or CC EAL4+ PPSSCD certification requirement

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